Kiteworks and ITEC forge a new era in IT Solutions for Cybersecurity and the Modern Workplace

Strengthening cybersecurity and optimizing workplaces with the combined collaborative expertise of both companies.

Zurich, February 8, 2024 – Kiteworks, which delivers data privacy and compliance for sensitive content communications through its Private Content Network (PCN), and ITEC, which excels in providing comprehensive IT solutions, announced today a strategic partnership that enables ITEC to enhance the cybersecurity and optimization of client workplaces with Kiteworks PCN.

Established in 2015 and headquartered in France, ITEC is a pioneer in offering diverse IT solutions across management, architecture, infrastructure, platform, cybersecurity, and the digital workplace. The partnership with Kiteworks enhances ITEC’s offerings, aligning with its commitment to providing top-tier IT services while ensuring the highest standards of content governance and compliance.

The partnership aligns with ITEC’s mission to build robust unseen infrastructure and bolster cybersecurity in its offerings to create secure and optimized workplaces for clients. It opens new avenues for ITEC to enhance its market presence, reaching a wider audience and establishing itself as a leading IT solution provider. The alliance with Kiteworks will empower ITEC to leverage state-of-the-art technology in content governance, compliance, and protection, thereby enriching the IT solutions offered to its clients.

Vladan Djurdjevic, Managing Director at ITEC, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership: “The collaboration with Kiteworks represents a milestone in ITEC’s journey. Kiteworks Private Content Network complements our vision of elevating cybersecurity and workplace optimization. This partnership not only enables us to explore new growth opportunities but also enhance our visibility in the market. We are excited about the innovative solutions this collaboration will bring and the positive impact it will have on our service delivery.”

David Byrnes, Vice President of Worldwide Channels at Kiteworks, concurred with Djurdjevic’s excitement about the partnership: “We are thrilled to partner with ITEC, a company renowned for its excellence in IT solutions. This collaboration is a testament to our shared vision of providing secure and efficient IT services and underlines our commitment and focus in supporting French customers. Through our combined expertise, we aim to deliver unparalleled content governance and protection, further enhancing the IT landscape for businesses. We look forward to a fruitful partnership that will bring innovative solutions to the forefront of the industry.”


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About Kiteworks  

Kiteworks’ mission is to empower organizations to effectively manage risk in every send, share, receive, and save of sensitive content. The Kiteworks platform provides customers with a Private Content Network that delivers content governance, compliance, and protection. The platform unifies, tracks, controls, and secures sensitive content moving within, into, and out of their organization, significantly improving risk management and ensuring regulatory compliance on all sensitive content communications. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Kiteworks protects over 35 million end users for thousands of global enterprises and government agencies. 


About ITEC

ITEC empowers organizations to excel in their core activities by providing comprehensive IT solutions. Established in 2015, the company is based in France with a global presence. Its commitment lies in building the unseen infrastructure, fortifying cybersecurity, and optimizing workplaces to meet the diverse IT needs of their clients. The company operates in different area: management, architecture, infrastructure, platform, cybersecurity, and the digital workplace. Highly committed to team spirit and taking the initiative, the ITEC teams share the strength of the collective and common values. Their motto: the best results are achieved together. Visit